• I have made significant progress in reducing pain levels and increasing strength and running activity levels.  As soon as my body can absorb the necessary endurance training, I will resume competition full-on, chasing the IRONMAN Hawaii dream.

    - Aleksandar Tasic, 2016 IRONMAN Arizona finisher
  • I was extremely pleased with the results at Nationals and I have no doubt the treatment that I received at TruMove played a huge role, especially the Dry Needling. I feel great! I am training harder and more consistently than ever.


    - Brad Wells, Gold Medal Champion, 2017 US Masters Swimming Nationals
  • I am certain that without the assistance of TruMove, I would still be experiencing daily/nightly back pain.  They provided a focused plan of exercises and stretches that I continue daily.  They altered treatment methods as needed and I always felt that my concerns were valid and heard.  I can now push myself harder during each workout and my sleeping habits have improved tremendously.

    - Caitlin Ballard
  • I am so happy I found TruMove! I have been several places and finally feel like I am on the right track to recovery. I am pretty sure Drew is known as ‘the hip whisperer’ to all his PAO patients. He listens to me, assesses my problems, and personalizes treatments/workouts that are helping me heal and get back to my regular active lifestyle.

    - Jessica Witt, Dance & Fitness Instructor
  • Whenever I have an issue with any part of my spine or related muscles and ligaments, I go to TruMove first. They are honest about giving you options and suggesting treatments.  I have had Dry Needling done in my shoulder, lower spine, and glute – all with great success.

    - Karen Washburn
  • Kim is my PT and I cannot sing her praises enough.  She opened my eyes to Dry Needling which has worked wonders on knots that no other treatment could resolve.  TruMove is a wonderful atmosphere, too. The staff is so friendly, and they genuinely care about their patients

    - Katie Frutiger
  • All of my chronic issues need to be dealt with on a regular basis.  I have to keep things moving or they get worse.  Insurance only takes you so far and then releases you, but with TruMove’s Health Membership, problems are less likely to become huge issues because they are being addressed regularly.

    - Kelly O’Connor
  • I thought I was going to have to scratch my plans to run the 2016 Baltimore Marathon.  After several Dry Needling sessions, I was running again.  Not only did I cross the finish line in Baltimore, but I also achieved my goal of finishing healthy and under 4 hours.  I highly recommend Dry Needling, not only for injury recovery, but also prevention.

    - Paul Crider, Marathon Runner
  • Joy Edwinson, Physical Therapy Assistant at a local clinic

    For 20 years I was dealing with neck and shoulder pain, but Dry Needling has released me from it.  The number of headaches I experience is down significantly, my overall energy is up, and the decrease in pain allows me to better treat my patients.  I recommend it to all of my friends.

    - Joy Edwinson, Physical Therapy Assistant at a local clinic
  • Kathleen Ballard

    I needed and wanted PT, but something more movement-based, something other than just stretching. TruMove was recommended. The strengthening exercises had the biggest impact on my recovery. I gained confidence that I could engage in various exercise activities. I am now a regular gym rat!

    - Kathleen Ballard
  • Kristen Chavez

    I noticed an incredible improvement with Dry Needling and the results were happening so much faster than with regular PT and stretching.  When I started, I could barely walk or sit down.  Now I’m working out daily.  There are no limits on what I can do.  It’s wonderful!

    - Kristen Chavez